•   • On the wall behind the counter, top left, is positioned a strange clock with one hand and put numbers in bulk. The pointer is moved electrically by a secret mechanism that is activated by a button at the checkout. The clock is crazy to determine who should pay the bill among a group of friends. Who makes the highest number pay. It is available to anyone who wishes to: ask to use it.
      From the fountain of the counter does not flow easily tap water: before being distributed, passes through a filtration and purification that improves the quality.
      There is a lantern in front of the place that is not used to illuminate the porch. It is used by those who leave the Teatro Regio, that we are open. In fact, turns on only during the hours of opening of the coffee.
      The name Mulassano is linked to that of the famous Mint Sacco. In fact, the founder, Amilcare Mulassano was the beginning of the last century, the owner of the distillery that produced this famous syrup. That's why stands above the mirror behind the bar marked Menta Sacco.
      Some publications report the news that Vittorio Emanuele II used to meet Garibaldi coffee Mulassano: this is patently untrue. The cafe opened its doors 34 years after the death of Garibaldi, and the king died, however, 28 years ago. And then, between the two there was bad blood.